Pre-Retirement Final Mile

If you have arrived at the last decade of your work life, you may be excited about the idea of retiring in the not-so-distant future, but also uncertain about your financial readiness. In your “pre-retirement final mile,” you may have more questions than answers. This is the time to develop a written financial plan to answer your questions, make sure you are on track and help you stay on track.

Is My Investment Plan Working?

Proper investing is as important as continuous and systematic saving for retirement. Taking the appropriate amount of investment risk is the first step. The definition of what is “appropriate” varies from one person to another, but taking no risk will significantly impact the ability of your nest egg to grow, and to keep up with inflation. Too much risk may leave you with sleepless nights.

An F&M Trust wealth advisor can help you evaluate not only what you will need to retire comfortably, but track your progress towards that goal with the appropriate amount of investment risk.

Nearing Retirement Topics

Income Planning

Debt Planning

Estate Planning

Helpful Planning Tools

Retirement Planner


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